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Spring Clean Up

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On a positive note, spring is only 16 days away, but who's counting, right? Hopefully we've made it through the worst of the winter because I know not a single one of us can handle another snow storm [knocking on wood]. Looking ahead to sunny spring weather there are some outdoor clean up projects to consider as the snow melts.

1. As the temperatures warms up it comes time to remove the burlap coverings from trees and shrubs. Time to let the sunlight in to stimulate growth!

2. After you remove the burlap check for any dead or damaged branches. I'm sure after this winter's snowfall there will be lots of broken and/or damaged branches on bushes and tress left uncovered. Trim smaller branches with shears. For larger branches you'll need to break out the saw so avoid slipping the branch and causing further damage.

3. When the threat of frost has passed rake fallen leaves and dead foliage from under plants if you didn't get to it in the fall. It's also a good time to remove excess mulch from last season and add fertilizer that is appropriate for your individual plants.

4. Early spring is also time to prep damaged areas of the lawn for reseeding. Lawn can become very damaged and ripped up especially along roadways, driveways, and walkways. Raking sand out of the lawn is essential before adding fresh soil and ultimately seed.

5. Patching, replacing, painting damaged wood is a must. You may consider touching up your fence, lattice work, lampposts, and mailbox posts before things start to rot.


A great company to help with all of your spring clean up needs is SPM Tree & Shrub owned by Shawn Moloney of Pembroke. He does great work with tree removal, but they also have a landscaping service as well as a storm damage service. If you're feeling overwhelmed with snow damage give Shawn a call for assistance - We know you'll be impressed!


Happy almost spring!


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