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Downsizing a Home: Knowing When You Are Ready

Most seniors know that there will come a day when they'll have to downsize their home.  Some recognize it sooner than others and take immediate action, but for some seniors it may not be so easy.  Having a strong support network is important - family, friends, neighbors or caregivers who can help you through the transition process - can help make this change in your life a positive one.

Here are some downsizing considerations to help you with your decision:

Timeline and Planning

  • Who will be helping you move to your new home? Consider hiring a professional organizing company and moving company.
  • Will you be giving any of your belongings to family members or close friends? Will you be donating clothing, shoes, etc.?
  • Do you have any special collections or memorabilia items to take with you? Any items to donate to a good cause? Will you need to find a consignment store or antique dealer?
  • Consider having a private or public estate sale to sell items you no longer need.

Space and Belongings

  • What does the layout of your new home consist of?  Is there enough space for your furniture and personal belongings? Which rooms in the home do you lose or gain space?
  • Will you have someone to help you sort through your things to determine which items you are keeping and which items to toss? Consider getting rids of things if there is no real need or space for them in your new home.
  • Is storage going to be an issue?  Do you need to rent an off-site storage unit?  If so, what size and how long will you need it?
  • Do you have enough room to have guests over for visits? Is there an extra bedroom for guests / grandchildren?

Hobbies and Favorite Pastimes

  • Do you have any hobbies? Will your new home have any amenities for you to use?  Will your new space accommodate your interests (exercise, painting, gardening, etc.)?
  • Will there be any outdoor activities to participate in with neighbors in your community or to enjoy independently?
  • Consider the climate where you will be living.  Is there a need for multiple winter coats or boots?
  • Will your new residence host special social events with others residents? What will your social life be like?

Home Maintenance and Daily Living

  • Will your new home require any routine maintenance (lawn care, snow removal, repairs)? Are these services provided for you?
  • How many floors will be in your new home? Is it handicap accessible? Do you need to arrange to have handicap features installed throughout your new home (grab bars, etc.)?
  • Consider no longer needing yard equipment, tall ladders or heavy duty tools.
  • Will you be keeping your car? Will your new home have a garage or driveway?


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    Touring Mansions for Sale in Newport, Rhode Island!

    Thank you to our friends at Gustave White Sotheby's International Realty for hosting our team at the New England Sotheby's International Realty® Affiliates Networking Event and giving us a tour of your spectacular properties for sale in Newport, Rhode Island!


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      18 of the Oldest Homes in America for Sale

      Congratulations to Marcia Solberg for her listing at 33 Leyden Street, Plymouth, MA being featured in Architectural Digest's article on "18 of the Oldest Homes in America for Sale"! This lovely, historic home was built in c. 1780's and features 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms.
      Click below to view the oldest homes in America:


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        Sotheby's International Realty Partners With New Story

        Sotheby’s International Realty recently partnered with New Story, a non-profit organization committed to changing lives and providing solutions for families and local workers in developing countries. Founded in 2015, New Story puts 100% of all donations toward building new homes at $6,000 a home. Every dollar donated is put toward hiring local labor and domestic materials. New Story is providing jobs and economic stability for the communities they service. Individuals and companies from all over the world are getting involved and being connected to families whose lives are being transformed thanks to New Story. Donors will receive a photo of the family they are helping and receive a move-in video once their home is completed.  Being able to share in the excitement and adding this personal touch is incredibly unique and very special to everyone involved. This impactful organization was recently named one of the “Most Innovative Companies” for 2017.

        To learn more, visit New Story’s website:

        To make a donation, please visit:


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          Millennials & Real Estate: The Good & The Bad

          For those of you who are still unsure what the definition of a “millennial” is, it’s anyone born between the early 1980s and early 2000s.  Known as the “Me Me Me Generation”, Millennials are the largest generation in American history with almost 80 million people.  What may come as a surprise is the number of Millennials who are choosing to stay living at home with their parents – a whopping 36% to be exact.  What is keeping them from going off on their own?  Lower incomes, student debts, unemployment, qualifying for a mortgage, high rent, and difficulty finding affordable housing.

          So what effect does this have on our economy, more specifically the real estate market?  For starters, there will be more first-time buyers throughout the country with equal interest in single family homes and townhomes.  Millennials tend to follow the path of their parents which means buying home in the suburbs, but also maintaining access to cities and amenities.  They are also more inclined to make smarter investments by having more social and economic responsibilities than ever before.  They also love technology and short cuts to answers. The more accessible and personable a real estate professional is the more likely they are to start a relationship with an agent.  It’s all about establishing trust, providing instant gratification and paying attention to their needs.  With the help of social media, real estate professionals across the country are able to connect faster with this powerful generation.

          Millennials are expected to represent over 50% of buyers in 2017.  The question if this generation will revolutionize the real estate market will be answered very soon!


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            Massachusetts Named "Best State in America"

            Massachusetts has always had an excellent reputation for its world-renowned hospitals, top-rated colleges and universities, and booming economy, but the Bay State just hit the ball out of the park compared to the rest of the nation. U.S. News & World Report recently named Massachusetts as the Best State in America.  With almost 7 million residents spread across cities and suburbs, it’s obvious that Massachusetts is the place to be!

            Even better, Boston Magazine just rated Hanover and Hingham as two of the Best Places to Live South of Boston! Hingham is a vibrant community that draws buyers for its location, but it’s the affordable taxes that has this town listed as a “hot spot” on the south shore.  Hanover is a lovely town that has become more modernized over the years with new construction, but it’s long-time residents and affordable homes sets Hanover apart from its neighboring coastal towns.

            If you are looking for a quiet neighborhood, excellent schools, rich history and culture, and beautiful beaches – all within minutes of some of the best doctor’s in the world – then south shore is the perfect place to call home!


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