Tips on Preparing your Home for Sale


Exterior – Lawn Tips

• Remove garden tools, hoses, toys and bicycles, especially from the front yard.

• Lawn chairs and picnic tables should stay. They create a warm effect.

• Rake your lawn to keep it clear of grass trimmings and leaves.

• Mow and water your lawn regularly.

• Trim lawn edges at walkways and driveways.

• Cultivate a thick, healthy lawn with fertilizers and weed killers. Re-seed bald areas.

• If you have pets, use your pooperscooper daily.


Tree and Shrub Tips

• Fertilize your shrubs to maintain their healthy look.

• Remove all dead or ailing bushes and replace with healthy specimens.

• Prune bushes and trees so their shapes are well defined.

• Plant smaller bushes in front of larger existing plants for depth. Plant in odd numbered groupings and various colors for contrast.

• Mask unpleasant views with hedges or plantings.

• Foundation plantings that stay green all year are best.

• Ground cover and mulch are attractive and have a “finished” affect.


Interior – Wall Tips

• Make sure walls are free of fingerprints and smudges.

• Check tiled walls for missing pieces, loose grout.

• Fix large cracks and holes.

• Update wall hardware, towel bars, tissue holders and clothes hooks.

• Choose light, neutral wall colors.

• Paint moldings and wainscoting the same color as walls.

• Create an illusion of expansion using mirrors and open, uncluttered walls.


Plumbing Tips

(Note that kitchens and baths are the two most important interior selling areas)

• Be sure all fixtures are immaculate and in good working order.

• Check that the caulking is tight and not discolored. Replace as necessary.

• Check for proper flushing of toilets and make sure handles are secure.

• Repair or replace loose pipe insulation.

• A well placed plant can soften a cold bathroom.


Fireplace Tips

• Remove ashes and clean the fireplace when not in use.

• Check fireplace screens for holes and glass for cracks.

• Be sure the mantel and hearth are in good condition.

• Have a fire going on cold, wintry days.

• Use props in and around fireplace (logs, equipment, decorative fans, etc).


Appliance Tips

• Be sure the appliances to be sold with the home are in good working condition.

• Appliances should sparkle. Clean them inside and out.

• When selecting new appliances, choose the same color as the ones you have.

• Be careful of lingering cooking odors on showing days.

• Store away small appliances on showing days.


Window Tips

• Clean windows until they sparkle.

• Freshen worn or flaky paint.

• Check awnings and shutters for holes, rips, or missing parts.

• Make sure windows move freely. Repair cracked panes and holes in screens.

• Keep window sashes, storms and screens at the same position.

• Open all window treatments fully.

• Turn on at least one light in each room – even in the day time.

• Remove distracting objects from windows (knickknacks, portable air conditioners).

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