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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Mike started helping us even before we started our housing search. He helped us with schools, moving, logistics, temporary housing, transportation and gave sound advice on our sell in the mid-west. We faced so many challenges with our children and our jobs as we transitioned to the area. Mike was  our go-to answer man. He spent countless hours shuttling us around and judiciously weighing all the pros and cons of every home. He is knowledgeable in so many aspects of houses and their condition; what characterizes the neighborhoods and offers so much insight about each particular circumstance. When it came time to put in an offer, Mike knew the market well and carefully composed a bid that, I am quite certain, saved us many thousands. His attention to detail assured us that nothing would slip through the cracks even when negotiations became difficult and adversarial. I'm so pleased that we worked with Mike. In the end everything worked out so well.

Mike worked with us when we first moved into Duxbury. He was able to negotiate a great price for our home. And in the years that have followed, Mike has been very helpful in navigating around the new schools, food shopping, and he even found a lawyer on a Sunday to help with signing some papers.   I would highly recommend Mike. Great realtor and a genuinely good man.  


If you are dealing with Real Estate, you cannot find a better advocate, counselor or negotiator than Donna Wood. Her command of the workings of real estate transactions and knowledge of the details is incomparable. She has the valued combination of being top in her field and being one of the nicest, warmest, most responsive and caring human beings you will ever meet. She helped us get through a situation made extremely difficult and messy by the other party. Her calm guidance, wise advice, and canny approach saved us from giving up and ultimately helping us buy the home of our dreams. Not many agents are experienced enough to understand the nuances of communication in real estate deals - which can make a huge difference in the outcome! Donna is simply the best! We adore her!


Paula was available at all times throughout the construction process. She spent hours helping us choose all of our finishes and was always understanding and thoughtful. Knowledge about the property, experience with new construction, prompt and professional communication between us, the builder and construction manager. We greatly appreciate her personal approach and expert advice.

If you’re looking for a top-notch realtor in the south shore - Regan is it! We moved from Boston and were looking to buy our first home together and had the best experience working with Regan. We both have busy schedules and Regan was able to accommodate and cherry pick the best to view. She isextremely knowledgeable on the background and history of all the properties as well as a great designer with the eye to envision the possibilities. We found the perfect place to call home! She made the closing process as seamless as it could be and even drove through a blizzard to sign paper work with us. She is a now trusted resource and friend.


Sotheby's was recommended to us by the Sotheby's folks here in Naples Florida who were working with the Arlington, a retirement community here in Naples, which we moved to from Plymouth. Mike was the rep assigned to us. The experience was just great. Mike took care of everything while we were  working to move from Plymouth and come here to Naples. We found him very, very competent in all phases of that sale. It was not our first home sale, so we had some experience. Forgetting the price, which he set based on real data, we just turned the process over to him. He kept us informed every step of the way and we really enjoyed working with him. The best experience we ever had. Highly recommend him to anyone.

Donna was extremely helpful to my wife and I when we were looking to sell our home. She was attentive to our needs and was there for us throughout the entiDonna was extremely helpful to my wife and I when we were looking to sell our home. She was attentive to our needs and was there for us throughout the entire process. She is a true professional.


I have purchased and sold 6 houses and thank to Paula this was by far my best experience. Moving is so incredibly stress-filled so having a true Real Estate professional to assist you through the process is critical and Paula was that professional. She made all the difficult negotiations almost transparent to us so we could focus our physical and emotional energy on a difficult move from Virginia to Massachusetts. To be completely honest, I don't know what we would have done without her. In addition, her kindness, encouragement and genuine empathy went well beyond my expectations for any Real Estate professional. With Paula, I received more than a seamless Real Estate process; I received a new and special friend.

I cannot speak highly enough of Regan. From the moment my husband and I first met her, we felt a complete sense of trust and integrity. She took the time to get to know us and understand what we were looking for in a home. My husband and I were living in Boston at the time and both had busy workschedules. Regan remained in constant contact with us with the most up to date market information. She is extremely knowledgeable of the market- its values, market trends, and neighborhoods. She pro-actively looked for opportunities to expand our purchase options. Once we found our dream home for our growing family, Regan was a skillful negotiator and always had our best interests in mind. Throughout the entire process, Regan worked hard and gave us the time and attention we needed. Her love for real estate is exemplified in her work and we could not be happier with Regan!

As a homeowner, Mike sold my home in one of the most difficult winters in MA history. He is personal and not chasing the close at the risk of losing a longer term relationship. He has emotional depth distancing him from many practitioners whose focus is transactional. As a parent, he exemplifies  putting others first. He has has also been pivotal in providing key advice on a recent home search for my wife and I. As an executive with hundreds of employees, I would hope that my people make the same sincere investment in our client relationships. I can recommend him without reservation. I would recommend him on both the selling and buying side of any real estate transaction.

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